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"My name is Mark"

When Mark Peters stepped on a Improvised Explosive Device in Afghanistan, his life changed in a split second. Get to know the history of one the central players on the Danish National Team.

When Mark Peters, as a professional soldier in Afghanistan, stepped on a Improvised Explosive Device, his life changed in a split second. Today, Mark is one of the best wheelchair rugby players in the world. The sport has meant that he has become part of a strong community. Today, he has both self-confidence, joy and room to dream - most of all about winning medals.

In this film, made by journalist Hanne Selnæs and photographer Tine Harden, you can get Mark's history. The film is made with support from Danish Handicap Association.



The Photo Exhibition is called "Go Great Danes".

'Go Great Danes' is the national team's nickname and the name of the traveling exhibition made by photographer Tine Harden and journalist Hanne Selnæs. Since 2019, they have followed the Danish national team in wheelchair rugby with a camera, notepad and recorder and have been on the sidelines for training camps and tournaments in Denmark and abroad (EC in France).

Through text and images, the exhibition attempts to capture the unique community on the Danish national team and the importance of sport for the 12 players and their lives. The photo exhibition has been created with support from the Elsass Foundation and Vejle Municipality's Parasports Council.

Up to and during the 2022 Wheelchair Rugby World Championships in Vejle, the exhibition can be experienced first at Vejle Library (26 September – 4 October 2022) and then at DGI Huset (5 -16 October 2022), where the WC will be held.